Monday, 19 September 2011

Don’t Missed In New York Fashion Week 2011

New York Fashion Week 2011 is being prepared for October 2011 - the pressure is already building for the spring / summer collection should be ready for what can make or break a show. The major fashion retailers to understand that despite the crisis, there are groups that are difficult to key customers, and that will always buy new and interesting. Regular updating of the window displays the new content is just one of the ways that retailers can continue to attract buying customers.

Tentative dates at New York Fashion Week 2011 23 - 30th October and the place of the Hausa in Somerset Strand, a really beautiful setting, complementing dynamically on the catwalk.

After Fashion Week in New York in 2011, and ahead of Milan Fashion Week in Paris, New York Fashion Week 2011 biennial event, this is a must for the fashion industry. The press and the struggle for position as to enjoy and discover the latest news and fashion, which decorate the fashionable shops or disappear with little trace.
Organizers of the New York Fashion Council, New York Fashion Week 2011 the premier event for U.S. designers want to develop their projects to a global audience. Various schemes to financially support the brightest young talents to showcase the best on the podium level with the houses of leadership in the world of fashion.

NYFC new generation is the scheme, with financial support from Top Shop and supports young designers show during Fashion Week New York 2011. Esthetic sponsors and supports the collections of the monsoon, which are based on ethical and ecological, or organic. Forefront of fashion with the financial support of Westfield London and supports the American designers who have left their mark on New York Fashion Week 2011. This scheme, which has helped several U.S. designers up getting.

Persons wishing to participate in the fashion show in particular outside the specialist press and can do so at the discretion of the designers. During the fashion week more than 500 US and international designers and accessories, will present the work that was kept secret until the day of the fair.

New York Fashion Week 2011, which is a very popular event where all who love clothes and high fashion can get up close and personal with the fashion brand the top and the purchase price of clothing thinner. During the event, fashion and beauty experts are always ready to give advice.

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